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Wordless Wedsnesday. Only Ryrics… R.I.P. Jonnie…

“Well just imagine my surprise to be there, if you touched me with a feather I’d fall!
I guess that you could say we finally made it, we played the Carolina County Ball
We had the ladies all in line to see us, I must have promised 27 I’d call!”

“Well all you need is love and understanding, ring the bell and let the people know
We’re so happy and we’re celebrating, come on and let let you’re feelings show
‘Cause love is all…love is all, love is all…”

“Baby if you flatter me, you might get somewhere
But I ain’t gonna flatter you, ‘cause I don’t really care!
Ain’t it all…..ain’t it all amuzing!”

“Don’t talk to strangers, ‘cause they’re only there to do you harm
Don’t write in starlight, ‘cause the words may come out real”

“We’re a laugh without a tear
The hope without the fear
We are coming – home”

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